Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Work in Progress: SenseCam - Potential as a Cognitive Aid Device?

The SenseCam is a Microsoft UK project.

Seems like something that might have some potential as a cognitive aid device, though the reality of neuropsychological deficits after known brain damage would suggest that a lot more work needs to be done on how it might actually be deployed. Use as a memory/attentional aid or enhancer for individuals without brain damage, but with heavy cognitive loads in their daily lives, seems easier to envision.

The sample images provided on the SenseCam webpage might be more reassuring if they were stamped with readable information (e.g., date/time)? Perhaps that's a background task that is available within the data stream but not presented in the examples.

It sure would be fun to play around with developing neurobehavioral apps of such devices! Good luck, Softies!
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